Norfolk’s Crepe Myrtles

A long time ago, the City Fathers and Mothers of Norfolk, VA (not Nebraska!) decided they would use Crepe Myrtles as the main tree to be planted around town.

There are plenty of Dogwood and Cherry trees which have quite lovely flowers, unfortunately they’ve rather short blooming periods in early Spring.  But the Crepe Myrtles start blooming in early Summer and last through the start of Fall.  And their colors are vibrant and beautiful – pink, red, fuchsia, lavender, purple and white. 

When the trees all start blooming, it makes me feel very happy.  It very much reminds me of when I was a kid and I got a brand new box of crayons.  You remember opening it and seeing all those brand new, sharp tipped crayons in the rainbow of colors?  That box of crayons held endless potential for all kinds of creative and wonderful things.  Well, that’s what the streets of Norfolk make me feel like during the Summer.  And I look forward to seeing it every year.

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