What Really Counts

I have heard several people who have had cancer say things like “it was the best thing that ever happened to me.” While I tend to cringe when I hear a celebrity state opinions as if they are experts and NO ONE has ever felt and thought as they have, after surviving Multiple Myeloma cancer and Leukemia, I guess I qualify as someone who knows something about these matters.

Unfortunately it really is kind of true.  We normally are so busy living our lives that we rarely think about what makes our lives worth living.  But that is reality, not something to be ashamed of.  It takes a life threatening event to slap us around, grab us by the shirt collar and shake the shit out of us for us to stop and look at our lives.  Very lucky are the few people who did not have to go through this and yet they are tuned in to what really counts.

And what is it that “really counts?”  I would respectfully offer that it is family, friends and community.  Hardly anything revolutionary, but at our core I believe we are here to help others.  While it might be different for each person, I don’t think money, position, work or fame would make the list.

Gee, it sounds simple doesn’t it? Well, you try taking care of your family without money.  And good luck getting money without working for it.  I think it really comes down to making conscious, daily decisions and taking actions that serve others instead of ourselves.  They can be small things, but you will see they add up, including setting good examples for others to follow. 

I believe it was Mother Teresa who espoused this principal of “living a selfless life.”  I think the world would be a far better place if we all tried to be a little bit more like that amazing woman.

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