The Emotional Yo-Yo

As you probably know, in addition to coming down with Multiple Myeloma (bone marrow cancer) sixteen years ago, I won the lottery and got Acute Myeloid Leukemia – likely caused by my Myeloma medication (!!) – a year and seven months ago.  With both cancers I have gone through some pretty tough treatments but I have come out the other end beating all of the odds.  So far.

I guess I am so used to living beyond my expiration date from the Multiple Myeloma that I do not think much about its likely eventual recurrence.  However, the possible recurrence of the Leukemia has been on my mind lately.  I am not obsessing over it and staying up nights sweating, but I do think about it once in a while and to be honest it kind of bums me out.  And with good reason since my odds are not too good.  I have been told it typically recurs with seventy-five percent of patients my age within five years.

But, and there always seems to be a “but” doesn’t there?  But I just learned yesterday from my oncologist and good friend that eighty to ninety percent of those recurrences happen within the first two years after a stem cell transplant.  And I am already one year and four months from my transplant and am currently showing no signs of Leukemia.  Yeaaa, excellent!!!  Just eight more months to go!! Wamp-wamp!!   

I know this routine.  Been there, done that. Many times!  I just need to remind myself not to dwell on it, especially because I can’t do a damn thing to change matters one way or another.  I keep telling myself to truly appreciate what I have and to do my best to be of some help to others.

Onward and upward!!

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