Mom and Dad

I am one of eight kids.  Being a father of three I honestly don’t know how Mom and Dad did it.  Well, actually I DO know how they did it (yeesh!) but I am still in awe of them and their ability to have enough energy and love for all of us.  It was like a well that never seemed to run out of water.  Sure, there were plenty of punishments handed out when we went out of line but we knew that our home and our family would always be there for us.

Even though Dad always worked two jobs, he still managed to attend all of my high school football games.  To this day I don’t know how he was able to do that.  And Mom didn’t drive, yet she made it to all of my and my brother’s and sister’s important events.  And at 93 (Dad) and 87 (Mom), they are still on the job setting an example for all of us kids to learn from.

Last week they flew to Moline, IL to be there with all of us to help celebrate my little sister Santina be installed as the Pastor at the Hope United Church of Christ.  It was a great thing and we were all so proud of her.  My brother Kyle asked if that means Santina is now pastorized?  I’m sure the traveling was hard on Dad and Mom, but you wouldn’t know it by watching them.  Again, their love for the family seemed to give them superhuman strength.  I hope I have half that much energy when I get to 93 years old!  Come to think of it, I hope I make it to 93 years old!!

Yesterday our family bonds were shaken again when we heard that my older sister Gina had some sort of a stroke.  Fortunately her husband Rick was nearby and quickly got her into an ambulance and to the hospital.  After a real scare she seems to be coming out of it, slowly but surely.  Thank God!

I will tell you, you are cruising along thinking all is good when you get smacked up the side of your head from out of nowhere.  And what was the first thing anyone did?  Get word out to the family!  I think our extended family is the definition of the term “strength in numbers.”

And it all goes back to the great, loving example set so well by Mom and Dad.  Talk about having a seat reserved for them in heaven!

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